Activity Centres & Place Managers

About the SIG

This SIG was established in May 2006 to provide a network for Local Government officers responsible for managing a town centre, or implementing activity centre policy on behalf of Councils. It meets every two-three months, with meetings hosted by different Councils. Its primary functions are to:

The Activity Centres & Place Managers SIG visiting Geelong Library and Heritage Centre and walking tour of Lt Malop Street and Waterfront. Wonderful meeting, thank you to our host, Steve Bentley.
  • Act as a forum to discuss the Activity Centres program
  • Develop an understanding on what is happening in respective Activity Centres
  • Share information and ideas on Activity Centre projects
  • Provide a networking opportunity for Local Government officers
  • Lobby, advocate and promote Activity Centre programs
  • Act as a central group for Activity Centre queries in Local Government
  • Host Activity Centre training, speakers, seminars and workshops
  • Work in partnership with the State Government implementing Activity Centre programs and policies

Who Should Attend

Local Government officers responsible for implementing any element of Activity Centre policy in their respective Councils, including Place Managers, Project Managers, Planners, Engineers, Economic Developers, Social Planners, Event Managers, anyone with an interest or lead in implementing activity centre policy.

Convenor Details

Simon McCuskey
Sunshine Project Facilitation Officer | City Strategy
Brimbank City Council
Ph: 9249 4355 |
William Coogan
Place Manager Brunswick
Moreland City Council
Ph: 9240 1111 |
Jenny Pemberton-Webb
Place Manager Revitalising Central Dandenong
Greater Dandenong City Council
Ph: 8571 1411 |   
Daniel Vincent-Smith
Box Hill Activity Centre Manager | Planning and Building Department
Whitehorse City Council
Ph: 9262 6333 |

Upcoming Meetings

Date: To be Advised


Activity Centres and Place Managers SIG Convenor, Simon McCuskey, Place Manager, Brimbank City Council

I became a SIG Convenor because it was an opportunity to connect with fellow place makers and resolve any matters across the sector. The informal setting means we discover what is happening in a town centre and walk away better informed with ideas to implement in our own centres.

As a SIG Convenor I have seen people talking to each other in the industry openly and confidently in order to resolve issues and identify opportunities. These discussions also occur in emails and other forums, where we are using the network's collective experiences and intelligence to address a topic/issue. It will be a big year as we continue to get a high number of participants and use social media as a communication tool.

Activity Centres & Place Managers SIG Convenor, Daniel Vincent-Smith, Box Hill Activity Centre Manager, Whitehorse City Council

For more than five years I have found the Place Managers SIG to be an invaluable group for profiling the important role of Place Managers, connecting and sharing ideas with other practitioners. Becoming a SIG Convenor was an opportunity  to advance my contribution to the forum on Placemaking and Place Management in Australia and to contribute further to this evolving field of practice.

What I have enjoyed the most about being a part of this SIG is learning with fellow place practitioners through real experiences, that whilst every place is unique and evolving, there are many common issues, opportunities, solutions and tools.


Should you have any queries, or would like to join the Activities Centre and Place Managers Special Interest Group (SIG):
Please contact one of the convenors or, call LGPro on 9268 6400 |

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