Data on women in senior roles

LGPro is surveying women in the sector to gather important data on the representation of women in senior roles in the sector to present to the first Ministerial Women’s Roundtable on 11 October.

The Minister for Local Government, Natalie Hutchins announced the establishment of the Ministerial Women’s Roundtable in response to the LGPro submission Addressing the representation of women in senior roles Local Government. The Roundtable will advise the Minister on strategies and actions to increase the number of women at CEO and senior management levels in the sector.

The survey is being undertaken in three parts:

  • LGPro female members have been invited to provide their thoughts and input into the representation of women in the sector by answering a series of questions around their ideas for increasing the number of women in senior roles and what they believe are the barriers preventing women from being more equally represented.
  • CEOs of all Councils have been asked to provide data about the total number of Directors and Managers they have working at their Council, including the number of these roles that are filled by women. Executive recruiters who work in the sector have also been asked for their insights and data on the gender balance of both, application pools and short lists for CEO and Director/GM roles across the last three years.
  • Women working at Director and Manager level in the sector will be asked for their views on employment opportunities and their career aspiration.

 The LGPro representatives at the Roundtable, Rebecca McKenzie, LGPro Board Vice President and CEO Glen Eira and Robyn Mansfield, LGPro Board Secretary and Manager Built & Active Spaces, Yarra Ranges will present this valuable data on 11 October.

If you would like further information please contact David Preiss at LGPro on (03) 9268 6400.