The LGPro Sector Secondment Program (SSP) is designed to build the capacity of Councils and further develop people working in the sector.

LGPro facilitates the program which aims to support greater collaboration and knowledge sharing by using the expertise that already exists at all levels within the sector.

It targets both Councils and individuals working at all levels in Local Government and can be customised depending on the need.


  • Direct job swaps for staff who want to develop gain experience outside their area of specialist expertise, or who want to refresh themselves by being exposed to different ways of working and ideas on service delivery in another Council.
  • A service to assist Councils to fill short to medium term vacancies at any level and/or on projects which are unable to be met from within existing resources.


Expressions of Interest (EOIs) will be sent calling for officers interested in gaining professional development through the program and to Councils wishing to bring specific expertise into their organisations.

LGPro will develop, manage and maintain a database of all EOIs and will facilitate contact between suitable matches. Where there is no appropriate match available, we will actively seek out appropriate candidates for job swaps and/or Councils seeking to second.


  • Skilled replacements for the receiving Council and leaving a legacy of increased capacity as teaching/mentoring would be a core component of the seconded officer’s role.
  • Professional development/career extension for both the seconded officer and for the person in the seconded officer’s Council who will have an opportunity to ‘act’ or undertake different duties.
  • Knowledge and experience transfer for the sector, building a stronger sense of community.


Participating Councils must be current LGPro Council Subscribers and individual are required to be financial Individual Members.


In the case of direct job swaps, LGPro will charge a one-off fee to both Councils to facilitate the matching and exchange process:

  • Small Council $900 plus GST
  • Medium Council $1,200 plus GST
  • Large Council $1,500 plus GST

 In the case of a Council seconding an officer, LGPro will charge a one-off fee to the host Council:

  • Small Council $1,500 plus GST
  • Medium Council $2,000 plus GST
  • Large Council $2,700 plus GST

For further information on the program see the brochure in the links and downloads box below or contact Leanne Bickley at or phone (03) 9268 6401.

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