Better Practice Local Laws Program

This specialist program was designed in conjunction with Local Government Victoria to train and provide expert guidance and support to Councils reviewing their local laws. The program is delivered by LGPro to meet demand.

The program aims to:

  • Provide hands on experience and knowledge to assist Councils to systematically and strategically review and revise their local laws
  • Provide an opportunity to leverage off the experience and sharing of information amongst participating Councils
  • Increase consistency, transparency and accountability in Councils’ examination of their proposed use of local law powers and how this will benefit the community through a reduction in unnecessary or inappropriate local legislation and the avoidance of duplication and/or unnecessary local laws

A suite of online resources is available to equip Council officers in Victoria to achieve better and consistent practice in local law making. These resources were designed for and by officers to guide Councils through the processes of preparing for, creating, implementing, enforcing and reviewing local laws. These resources, including an overview, manual, resource book and strategy are available here:

If your Council would like further information on this program contact LGPro on (03) 9268 6400.