Keynote Speakers


Dr. Louise Mahler- Leadership, Influence & Presence
Speaking at 10am

As an expert mentor and thought leader, Louise provides opportunities for professional development with dramatic personal impact.

Her work covers body language, vocal intelligence and the relevant communication processes to deal with everyday situations in which leaders frequently find themselves struggling in. This includes scenarios such as stressful confrontations, hostile media interviews and difficult staffing situations which are scrutinised and managed so that leaders feel more comfortable and in control of themselves, while those around them can easily engage for better results.

Louise is a highly sought after international speaker, executive team mentor and life coach who advises top 100 listed companies and government agencies in Australia, the US and Europe. She is a regular commentator and has appeared on national TV and radio.

Robyn Davidson- Conquering the Paper Tigers
Speaking at 3.45pm

Robyn is a critically acclaimed author and cultural commentator whose voracious curiosity has led her to immerse herself in unfamiliar cultures and remote terrains.

At the age of 27, Robyn walked 3,000 kilometres across the Australian desert with a dog and four camels. She instantly became famous and set the record straight by writing ‘Tracks’ – an international best seller.  In the desert, Robyn developed strong and abiding personal relationships with Aboriginal people she met on her way.

Those connections spurred her interest in nomadic ways of thinking and led her, some years later, to go on migration journeys with pastoral nomads in North West India. Both experiences saw Robyn overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, not the least being a woman in sometimes dangerous environments.