Concurrent Sessions


The four, 60 minute concurrent sessions (outlined below) have been designed to address issues, opportunities and challenges facing women both at a personal and professional level. The sessions will be participative and delegates will be actively encouraged to contribute to conversations.

The concurrent sessions will be offered at 11am and then repeated at 12.45pm. When registering for the Forum delegates must indicate which two sessions they plan to attend to assist us with room allocations.

THE FUTURE BELONGS TO GOOD COLLABORATORS- Creating prosperous futures: A job for the many not the few.
Kieran Murrihy, Futurist and Founder from Foresight Lane

Whilst Councils can plan for and direct key aspects of a city’s future, they are increasingly grappling with the challenges associated with the gap between the expectations and needs of citizens and what Governments can provide. The creation of prosperous futures is a job for the many, not the few, and this workshop explores how Councils can respond to this challenge by more effectively harnessing the wisdom, creativity, entrepreneurialism and resourcefulness of the community. The Australian Business Council has observed that innovation is occurring in networks, where people and entities are collaborating across traditional boundaries. Kieran Murrihy will assist delegates to explore leading edge practices for establishing these networks within communities.


Dalit Kaplan, Founder and lead storyteller, Storywell

 A leader must communicate their vision to others in a meaningful way. You may be able to articulate your vision through power-point presentations loaded with data and evidence, but nothing conveys one’s purpose and value better than a story. Facts and figures will appeal to the logical side of your audience’s brain, but sharing a story about your vision will create the human connections and emotional investment necessary to build buy-in and support. Through a mix of presentations and exercises, this workshop will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of storytelling. Dalit Kaplan will share with you how to structure and deliver a story that is authentic and impactful and will help you to begin crafting your own story to use in your leadership toolbox.


Working in an area you like, or knowing where you would like to work, whether that be moving into a more senior role or just becoming stronger in your current role, advice and support is always helpful to assist you to achieve your career goals. In this interactive session, based on a World Conversation Café format, we will provide you with the opportunity to connect with a number of subject matter experts who will offer practical advice on areas including mentoring, selection and recruitment and general career advice from a leading recruiter for Local Government. You will also have an opportunity to engage with senior leaders in the sector and hear about their career journey and the path they took to get there.

Beck Henshall, Beck Henshall Collaborations

Local Government is responsible for a myriad of services, programs, laws, education and advocacy for local communities. The sector has changed significantly from its past ‘Roads, Rates and Rubbish’ reputation to provide diverse services and programs to meet the growing expectations and needs of local communities. As expectations from all stakeholders increase, Councils are under more pressure to remain responsive and relevant to their local community. Beck Henshall will present a mix of information and experiential exercises to increase your knowledge of individual stress levels and common stress symptoms and provide you with a greater understanding about the relationship between stress and resilience, its impact on performance and communication and how to use resilience activities each day as part of a proactive approach to improve wellbeing.