Streams with Themes - new in 2017

The conference program will open on Wednesday 22 February from 1pm-5pm with work focused sessions that are high priority for Local Government. These interactive sessions will give delegates with a diverse range of interests the opportunity to hear from sector leaders and subject matter experts.

Workshop 1: Collaboration to achieve great place making
It’s not enough that we hear about integrated planning and the importance of collaboration between asset planners/managers, strategic planners, place managers, social planners, service planners and collaboration between Councils and other levels of government to deliver on place making in the interests of the community. This workshop will seek to establish the common ground and a shared definition and approach to measuring assets in the interests of great place making and contributing to community wellbeing.

Presenters include:
Ashay Prabhu, Managing Director Assetic
Raeph Cumming, Social Infrastructure Planner, Moorabool Shire Council
William Coogan, Place Manager, Brunswick - Moreland City Council
Philip DeAraugo, Place Manager, City of Greater Bendigo
Carson Luk, President, Sunshine Business Association
Will Deague, CEO of Asian Pacific Group
Bryony Nainby, Director, Benalla Art Gallery

Workshop 2: Preparing and creating the Future Ready workforce
This workshop will explore the global, national and local influences that are driving the need for new ways of working, accessing and developing a workforce that is able to deliver on the role of Local Government as it is today and is able to change and adapt as that role evolves. In this session you’ll get the high level view of the drivers for change, an understanding of the challenges and opportunities from Future Ready and how HR and Organisational Development can drive strategy and implementation of the future workforce.

Presenters include:
James van Smeerdijk, Partner PwC
Rebecca McKenzie, CEO, Glen Eira City Council 
Frances Raymond, General Manager People Experience & Capability, Australia Post

Workshop 3: Public disorder and preparedness – understanding, identifying and measuring the impact
The temperature of the community has changed, and what was once robust debate and public displays of support for particular positions are now more frequently becoming aggressive and sometimes violent confrontations. Unfortunately, Council decisions such as parking and planning permission have sparked violence and other anti-social behaviour. Managing these issues is far more complex than just ensuring safety- the possible impact on community wellbeing, Council reputation and governance are all significant.
In this session you’ll get honest insights and practical advice from a number of varied standpoints on preparing and managing the impact of protests, rallies and public gatherings from people who have experienced them.

Presenters include:
Debra Abbott, Assistant Commissioner State Emergencies and Security Command, Victoria Police
Helen Ballard, Regional Victoria TV news reporter/media trainer
Craig Niemann, CEO Greater Bendigo City Council
Steven Abbott, Manager Community Partnerships, Greater Bendigo City Council
Dean Griggs, Manager Social Investment & Dean Robertson, Program Manager Compliance, Melbourne City Council

Workshop 4: Serving community in the digital age
Digitisation is changing the way we serve and interact with the community, but is the community being better served? To achieve benefit to the community digitisation needs to be about more than technology. This workshop will explore the need to develop a shared understanding of the role of Council and the need for cultural change to create a whole of Council approach to digitisation.

Presenters include:
Nick Williamson, Systems Thinker and Innovator, MashMatix, New Zealand
Helen Morrissey, Director of Corporate & Community Relations and Justine Resta, Organisational Development Coordinator, Business Transformation, Brimbank City Council
Cat McDonald, User Experience Specialist, Casey City Council

Workshop 5: Measuring and building wellbeing:  a Local Government approach to achieving real community impact
This workshop will introduce the collaborative approach undertaken in Maroondah to measure and build wellbeing in young people. Through the use of ‘The Wellbeing Profiler’ developed by The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Positive Psychology, Maroondah City Council has obtained invaluable data on the wellbeing of nearly 5000 young people, and is now working with the centre and 19 local schools to collectively build wellbeing. In this session you’ll get to see how The Wellbeing Profiler works, the information and reporting that it can deliver and how it can be used to support planning and integration of Council activity.

Presenters include:
Dr Tan-Chyuan Chin, Director of The Wellbeing Profiler and Research Fellow, Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne
Edwina Ricci,  Community Partnerships Leader - Melba College
Adam Cooper, Team Leader Youth Services, Maroondah City Council

Workshop 6: Planning for growth - the need for arts in a growing community
With a growing population and development demands increasing, how can the arts and arts infrastructure contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities? This workshop takes a walking tour down Sturt Street in Southbank – home to the Malthouse, ACCA, The Guild Creative Spaces, Melbourne Recital Centre and more. It is also home to more than 19,000 residents, has a forecast population increase of 171 per cent and a planned growth in dwellings of 245 per cent by 2036. The value of living and working near artists’ creative and performing spaces, the establishment of public art in open space planning, and the need to work across Council and with external government and arts agencies to improve community outcomes, will be explored during this workshop. Taking in a mix of conversations with artists, arts managers, town planners and project managers, the value of the arts in a growing community will be demonstrated.

Presenters include:

Emma Cochran, Stretegic Planning & Projects Coordinator, Arts Melbourne
Sarah Neal, Executive Producer, Malthouse Theatre
Eleni Arbus, Arts Infrastructure Lead & Laura Beilby, Creative Spaces Manager, Melbourne City Council
Marshall McGuire, Director of Artistic Programming, Melbourne Recital Centre
Steve Perumal, Principal Project Manager & Skye Haldane, Practice Lead Design, Melbourne City Council
Joseph Norster & Millie Cattlin, Testing Grounds

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