Career Workshop

2018 Career Workshop with Brett de Hoedt

This year's Annual Conference will feature a career workshop to help delegates build their confidence when making presentations, meeting with co-workers and pitching ideas to managers.

Soft skills are highly valued but they are rarely rehearsed. In fact, they are rarely even taught, but like any skills they can be learnt and improved. That’s why we’ve created a fun, practical opportunity to work on your career-enhancing skills.

Presenting – whether you talk at conferences or to colleagues, the ability to engage, explain and persuade will set you apart (in a good way). How do you grab the audience’s atttention, make them feel a part of the action and convey your priorities?

Meetings – these are fundamental to working life. Colleagues judge you on your behaviours and performance (harsh but true). Will you dominate or blend in with the curtains? Hopefully neither. We’ll discuss pre-meeting and post-meeting strategies.

Persuasion/pitching – your great idea means nothing unless you persuade the powers-that-be to take it onboard. How do you overcome common objections and pre-conceived ideas?

Overcoming introversion and other barriers – introverts can take charge too, though they will have to work around their default setting. We’ll look at ways to network without having to reboot your personality. (One-to-one communication, social media etc.)

“By the way – the more this agenda makes you feel uncomfortable – the more you need it.”


Brett de Hoedt
Twitter: @radiohootville

Workshop presenter and networking guru Brett has taught communication skills to hundreds of professionals ranging from undergraduates to CEOs.

He’s a high-energy presenter who likes to challenge participants. He focuses on both specific concrete behaviours and attitudes. He doesn’t believe that people skills are only for the extroverted or that there is one style that fits all. He does believe that we can all improve our communication and people skills.

“Dramatic improvement is possible,” he says. “Even in the space of an hour.  All it takes is a willingness to do things a little differently.

In addition to presenting a workshop, Brett will offer networking tips, tools and advice to delegates across the day on Thursday.


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