2016 Emerging Leaders Presentation

The 2016 LGPro Emerging Leaders represent the future of Local Government. While the group is made up of 23
participants from rural, regional and metro municipalities, they have found shared experiences that transcend
their locality, the size of their municipalities and the diversity of their roles. Most importantly, they have discovered
one common thing that keeps them all motivated, positive and driven – they love working in, for and with their

The team have been on a year-long journey of personal discovery, group collaboration and have developed
a stronger appreciation and understanding of our industry and the challenges and opportunities facing Victorian
communities. Posed with the challenge of investigating ways to make Local Government leaner, better, faster and
stronger, this group has made some surprising discoveries about where we already sit as an industry and how we
can move forward as one.

The 2016 LGPro Emerging Leaders will present at 11am on Thursday 23 February.

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