Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer: David Preiss

Manager Professional Development: Leanne Bickley
Leanne is responsible for the strategic planning of LGPro’s professional development and manages a number of programs including the Executive Leadership Program (XLP) and Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). She works Monday to Thursday and can be contacted on 9268 6401.

Professional Development Coordinator: TBC

Manager Events: Diana Pawluk
Diana organises LGPro activities, events, conferences and seminars. She works four days a week and is not in the office on Wednesday. Her direct line is 9268 6404.

Membership Development Manager: Michelle Cox
Michelle is responsible for Council and Individual membership and also looks after the needs of our 30 plus Special Interest Groups. Her direct line is 9268 6403.

Manager Communications and Sponsorship: Vicki Amiguet
Vicki is responsible for our publications and also looks after sponsorship and our Corporate members. She works on Monday, Tuesday morning and Thursday. Her direct line is 9268 6410 and her mobile is 0433 157 057.

Accounts/Administration: Sally Flannery
Sally is responsible for all accounts and membership fees. She works three days a week and is not in the office on Tuesday and Friday. Her direct line is 9268 6402.

Administration Support: Jodie Zomer
Jodie provides administrative, reception, membership and SIG support Monday through Friday. Her direct line is: 9268 6400.

Programs & Events Support: Thalia Petroulakis
Thalia provides administrative support to the programs and events teams. She works Monday through Friday. Her direct line is: 9268 6412.