LGPro Board Elections

The following candidates (listed in alphabetical order) were successful in the 2017 LGPro Board election:

  • Tony  De Fazio, Executive Manager Governance and Customer Service, Whitehorse City Council

  • Cameron Gray, Director, Innovation and Organisational Improvement, Ballarat City Council 

  • Celia Haddock, Director Corporate Services, Maribyrnong City Council 

  • Kathy Hynes, Coordinator Active Open Space, Knox City Council

  • Chris Leivers, Director Community Wellbeing, Yarra City Council

  • Justine Linley, Chief Executive Officer, Ballarat City Council

  • Brendan McGrath, Chief Executive Officer, Rural City of Wangaratta

  • Rebecca McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Glen Eira City Council

  • Julie Reid, Director Engineering Services, Greater Dandenong City Council

  • Liana Thompson, Director Partnerships and Engagement, Whittlesea City Council
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